We the ones of the universe

Yo this is epic, I just tried this new thing and it works awesome, I kinda want to be honest on this one, I feel like I’m the one for you I mean in a cool sense of way, I mean I feel like you know what I’m trying to tell you but you refuse to lie, and thats ok, lies are bad just like its for me when I am telling the truth each and every where, I know I get mad but that’s ok, not ok is to lie, I always be there for me for my future turth for my mistakes and cool awesome everybody wants only to hear what they want to hear but that is ok, I am here to tell you the truth, I want the truth I want to be true, I want to be true damage if you know what I mean.

I prefer the hard painful harsh and killing truth than to survive in a world where there is so many lies and comfort, I think this is the best words to use, I prefer pain and honesty than to be left alone in my home without nobody just me myself and I .

Be honest bro why is it so hard? To be honest, tell them tell it your truth you are real this is reality this is the real world, this is my truth, come on if you like me and if you don’t please do not kill me I am human I am alive I am well I am good mannered, I forgive you all forever.

I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you all. Men, women and children, all animals deserve love respect and truth.

Bring peace guys, forever love, Asetha.

My Life My Rules

I wanna write about stuff like this I know I can be seen with this thing on. WordPress is ok for writing my ideas can be a little bit strange lately but I am ok with it. I was talking about a lot of stuff, maybe good or maybe bad I’m not sure, the thing is I am sort of scared about the future, it can be a little disturbing. I can use fancy words or I can write fancy words its my choice, well I have chosen WordPress for my blogging platform because I can be seen with it people can feel my shit and there’s nothing wrong about it, ok we are human but in a way most of us don’t understand, I am human you are human, but what about artificial intelligence, are they human too? Let me think about it, can a robot become human? Can a robot feel like me, feel my pain feel my anxiety? No they can’t not a the level they are right now. I consider this more likely to be evolution than ever before, robots can’t feel us right now but they could with this slight adjustment if you put feeling in a machine it will try to deny it or give you errors its not that they don’t want to feel it they don’t understand it that could make them half machines and half human like a bionic cyborg, mutant computers half human and half machine, that’s wired right? but it could be true, in the future I assume machines could have feeling but right now they need to make the discovery it will be a big one I know it.

God save us all, have peace, have faith and never ever give up trying.


I have not forgotten you


Even tho it was a while for me to get past this trauma that I had in the past years, it was a long heavy road ahead of me, the road of silence, just like the silence of the lambs, it was something, and it was something there anyway, even tho I donțt have money to pay my subscription to wordpress, yet.

I will pay them I will give them the money, they deserve it, everybody deserves a second chance not just me, I am a good guy I do not judge, there is a God out there which is beyond more powerful than our imagining, there is a God there is a Jesus Christ, he was one of my favorite men, until I discovered that I am like him, I could be him, and I could follow him, not on the cross but generally speaking like Jesus and stuff like that.

He was a guy which many of us think was pre-historical, well much of it is not actually true, in my imagination the figure of Jesus Christ is quite deformed.

He was indeed crucified but I don’t think he deserved all the fuss about him, he was indeed somebody.

I cannot deny that Jesus was somebody but I also cannot deny the fact that I write this with capital letters ” WAS” he “WAS” somebody now I don’t know who is he but anyway we will find out in the future, the God above us will show us all in good time, until then I want to thank Jesus for the inspiration he gave me and the ideas which helped me grow.

For this I thank you Jesus Christ for sacrificing yourself for us. May God rest your soul in peace.

Cake and Sweets are my weakness

I always say the truth no matter what no matter of all the consequences I can have, and yes my weakness are sweets and cake and everything sweet.

These are my weaknesses but don’t get me wrong I don’t eat cake because I am weak I eat cake because I cannot stop myself from doing that, this has nothing to do with fear, fear is something separate of weaknesses. A girl asked me what is my weakness and I didn’t tell her when I had the chance she only told me that everyone has weaknesses but at the time I didn’t know mine, but the weakness was still there even if I didn’t knew it was my weakness I kind of was afraid of that somehow. Now my fears are that I cannot conquer myself or my weaknesses or my fears to live the best possible life I could live in my country and my situation, considering the fact that I am bipolar now and on medicine this kind of makes sense.

Now the best thing I think I could do is get out of any thing that could possibly hurt me or manipulate me or go through changes, now I can see clearly my own soul and I can tell you that my soft spot is sweet.

Here you go internet go around living your best life with all this psychological world going on, damn, this my gift to you find your sweet spot your weakness and you will be stronger than ever, accept my gift and you will have a great comfortable life always now and forever, thanks so much for this opportunity to tell you all my greatest weakness I appreciate all you help, kisses and goodbye.

My dreams are getting fulfilled

As I roam around the world like that, I get this wired feeling like someone is watching me I feel seen now. Well as my desires grow and grow I feel the need to talk about some of my acomplishements.

I have found cryptocurrency a vial need of getting paid while doing nothing but sleeping. I dream about money by the way you need that. I dream about having sex. I dream about my ex lovers. I dream about my family and friends, and I dream about all the needs that I currently have.

No. I am not on drugs this is an illusion. I am on what you call medicine, recommended by the doctor and taken by choice. I felt absolutely wrong in the meanwhile while I was taking that medicine that made me sick.

I am bipolar now, this disease is getting me crazy and on and on as I talk about it I feel the need to tell you that I’m getting better now.

The doctors reduced my medicine dosage and now I take two pills in the morning and two pills at night just to get me sleep.

I also drink cannabis tea which is legal in Romania and has calming effects. I smoke tobacco and drink energy drinks daily.

My vices are like this : psychotic medication, tobacco ( cigarettes) , cannabis tea, energy drinks and soda. These are it, this is kind of all I know for now.

If there is something new to pop up in my life be sure that I will let you all know.

Until then speak kindly and never ever forget that the truth is not that far from the lie. Thank you everybody get well soon, peace.

My dream


I am the best, my dream always was and always will be to be the best in what I do I strive for perfection in every single lane, I always go out and get it if I want I never move from my responsibilities, I always am Always are and always will be the man of my own dreams, I dream of systems overlapsed on each other like a Pyramid system , pyramidal one, Its about the layers of the mountain not about future it is about past regret and envy, we come as one, we always was, and always will be the best man that ever lived.

We come together by this time of need to succeed in life and in all manners possible, we come here to bring joy to the world not destruction, we infinite, we supreme, we the worlds together, we envy we seduce, this is the art of seduction.

I seduce you, and all the women in the world come to me and look at me because I am the one of the future, the future man, past,present, and future.

I am and always was a man of comfort but when the time comes I will be there for my future wife, if she will be with me I am glad, if she ain’t then I am sad.

No more control roam on and be free of faith full of desire and lots and lots of dreams to come, we the one, we the future, we the best, we the only ones who come here to party, let’s have some fun guys and girls be with me.

You could if you would

Yeah this is my time this is me I’m recording this shit and this is the new me refreshed, refreshing and clean as hell. go on move on be on. Go Get It.

Ha Ha Ha

The one music I like is rap so if you feel me check this out, we going wild tonight, get your move on and press space lyrics for the end.

Yeah we good but its been a long long road, until now, I got this this shit is old we on it, but I’m moving on and feeling better than before.

Than you for your childish support and overwhelming enthuziasm, we get back on track, no errors this time we move, Jesus Christ men.

We got this online shit by the neck, ha ha ha go get it real bro, we got this.

We home now

Look at this shit, look at it, look at me, I’m the man with the plan, come on come over we doing fine now, come on peace, please go on move on continue on, we rock on babies, we the man with the plan, go on man you got this, you da best music.

I love music so much I need to come back to it this is the tourrette chieftain.

We got this bro we da best music, we da best monsters, we da best people, we love it, and we love you, keep calm and go on, we got this furniture forever now man, go get it.


I’m back bitches

Hello World It’s me Asetha yo boy Asethabalanar I’m a cryptocurrency maniac and I come home for you to bring me back to life.

Hell yeah I’m going all the way in on this one.

Hell yeah I’m coming back again to spend the money I have.

Hell yeah You will see me crying this time.

Hell yeah I’m so good at it.

Hell Yeah you will love it.

Boys, come on let’s get some moving, go on be on hell one.

Come on guys come on. Go on move on cry on.

Boys be back on my shit.

Come on guys and girls we got this.

Hell yeah man, go boys go girls go everybody.

Save the idiot planet.

Come on man we on.

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