The disease of the century

The disease of the century is only in our minds, we ourselves got to clean it and if we don’t we will stay sick forever, I myself am struggling from this disease trying to get out it’s such a big pain to me that I have to write this I have been badly hurt from my family and our ancestors we live so rapidly you don’t even notice I was there, do you?

This is for my niggas all around the globe we hear you talk we hear you speak we hear you shout from the bottom of your nerves, we hear you cry we hear you ask for help, we need your help, we need your hand, we need your rally for cry, we hear you sleep we hear you beg for mercy we hear you cry out for help when your mouth is wide shut, we can hear your nerves crying and cracking, we hear your mouth that never stops speaking and we are listening to it.

We know you are there, we know who to trust and who not to trust we can hear your agony we hear your despair we are here to set your free.

We are here to free you from your mind your ego, your selfishness, and your thoughts we can hear your thoughts crying for help and asking for forgiveness we hear your mutual understanding about this new concept of yours.

We hear you Mephisto, we are your tribe now, come and seek us, seek our shelter our gifts and our Narnia, come sit on my lap and cry for mother nature to forgive you for all your sins, cry for mother nature, cry for mother nature, cry for mother nature, cry us for help.

Vayne League of Legends Gameplay

I want to talk a little about how I play with Vayne in LoL, Vayne is a very strong ADC against tank heroes and fighter ones who have a lot of HP. The more a hero has the more HP the more Vayne is against him
Vayne has a skill called Silver Bolts, this is a passive spell that does True Damage to enemies, because of this passive spell Vayne can defeat enemies with a lot of HP quite easily and efficiently.
Vayne’s Ultimate Upgrades Almost All Skills Including Attack Damage And Is Similar To Master Yi’s Ultimate
Vayne is Lucian and Renekton’s counter in particular as well as several tank-type heroes like Alistar Malphite and Maokai
After all, your style of play also matters, some players may not do so well as it is difficult to cast Q effectively (Tumble).
Vayne is a hero with great late-game potential, in case you miss items like Blade of the Ruined King, Phantom Dancer, Infinity’s Edge, Stormrazor and Wit’s End, the game is almost over. The most important state for Vayne to play the game is attack speed, and it is not the only ADC that needs attack speed the most in the match.
I want to talk about Vayne because it was one of my hands in LoL when I played more over time I didn’t lose the ability to play well with her but there are many more heroes that I should try and not limit myself to only one.

For me, Vayne is like a ranged Yi Master used to play bottom lane as an ADC, while Master Yi plays jungle and Top. If you like attack damage heroes and attack speed as I like you will find more posts about attack damage heroes on my other pages.