I don’t want to talk about stuff, ok?

please be patient with you

Sometimes is better to a hut up and close your eyes, turn the other cheek around just so you don’t hurt people who loved you, not in my case naah, words can hurt and will hurt if you let them.

Sometimes is better to just mind your own business and don’t hurt anybody sometimes it’s better to be the sheep than the Shepherd or just make it look that way anyway, nobody knows what you are thinking right? Well, we all are here on earth to prove something right?

We are here to prove who’s the alpha male, to prove yourself to the community to prove you are the best, ain’t we alpha males?

Well, we all would want that, but what if we ain’t got it in us to be the alpha male? What if we are the sheep and the alpha male is out there roaming around, what if we ain’t good enough for them?

I’m here to prove you wrong, you are good enough you just don’t know it yet, you just let people stick a finger in your face and tell you you’re no good, and when things get hard you look for something to blame like a big shadow that you see on different people’s faces.

You just do that because you think you ain’t good enough for this world that we live in, and I’m here to tell you that you are probably right, you may not be good enough today, but I promise you if you work hard on your goals and dreams you might make it one day, maybe that day is not today but someday you might actually make it and you will shout to the world “Thank You God” because without you I would be nothing at all.

This sums up my response to, sometimes it’s better to shut up than give in to people who don’t value or respect you, just shut up and show them your results instead of just talking about results, just show them πŸ‘

Keep the peace brothers and sisters because I’m coming home ❀

Gym and Working Out

love your life

I always try to sustain myself like my health I always put myself first I don’t know why it’s like a heavyweight was lifted from my shoulders when I work out I feel freer, more healthy than I was before like I was trapped in a foreign dimension of some sort now I am free.

Sport really is for me a situation when I loosen up, forget my worries and just work out you know? It’s like a machine that always keeps on giving you what you want and what you need every hour of the day seven days a week. When you fight for progression you actually fight for your soul I can tell you that.

The first time I started working out I was 17 and by now you may have wondered, well now you are 28 where’s the progress? Well lately my life was on the verge of collapse, I have been hospitalized several times for my mental disease but now I’m working through it.

I’m working out on my mental health and working out my body also, body and soul. I am working out my body my muscles and my brain also so don’t be fooled by my great physique because I have a pretty strong mind alsoπŸ‘Œ

This year I plan to change my life for good if you are with me hit the thumbs up button and see you in later posts πŸ‘

A relationship can change you

As I have learned from past experiences is that a relationship can change you, either you change the girl or the girl changes you there is no in-between. In my past relationships, I have been changed but in the future ones, I plan to change myself. Why? Would you ask me?

Well to sum it up really quick my ex-girlfriends wanted me to be a certain way, they wanted me to act accordingly to their fantasies, they didn’t love me for who I was, they loved me for who I pretended to be when I was with them.

I had to go through a difficult process to get back to who I was after I broke up with them.

The past tense is not real I want to tell you this, past relationships are not there anymore even if you still love them or not.

The girl you used to love probably isn’t the same anymore and neither you are.

You both changed according to your previous experiences or your own human nature.

We all change eventually all we have to do is to accept the fact that we are easily replaceable this is it.

We can always be replaced and that hurts us the most.

Every relationship I had was very bad, it felt just worse and worse as I got to know them better.

Every relationship is unique in their own way I just happened to meet some dumb ass girls along the way.

Every little girl I meet has a story to tell and this is my story to you guys. We all have our flaws and our misconceptions about life, but my point is that you should not try to change your real partner into the partner you wish you had, just change the person, not the man you are in a relationship with.

Get another boyfriend or get another girlfriend, don’t try to change your love life just be cool with it.

The book of Life

We all write in the book of Life, some of us write better while some of us write worse.

But the main thing is that we write, each and every day we do so, we turn up the page and write a new chapter in our lives.

Some of us write better while some of us not, we decide how we write each and every day the book of our life should be our masterpiece.

The Book of Life is for everybody to share and understand.

E all want to share and write in the book of life. We may never see the next page again, but the last page we have written should be today’s page. We should think about progress when we write we should think of ourselves.

We should think about progression and we should also think about how hard is it today to find new people and new friends.

We can all be friends what we all have in common is our lives. We all share the same planet, we all share the same home we are all part of the human race so you do you put me on hold?

I am not your friend or your God I am just me writing my pages of life.

I am the supreme leader of my kind and my people I am like the president of my country I am like the leader of my people and we should all take a stand in giving back to the community for all our efforts combined.

His is for you my reader which I must confess to you that you are not alone somebody cares for you and wants to see you home.

We live by choice and command by nature, we live as one God together in a group of people that come together for the good of mankind, we are the people who should start making some changes in this world.

We all should change at least how do we view our lives. But not many people should understand this that only with change can we move forward.

Change is a necessity, not a choice, so when you face adversity you face it without having the choice of not facing it or vice versa.

The bringer of chaos has yet to become alive yet so we shall live in harmony and with peace to our homeland and may the earth guide our paths to live our best lives we have yet to dream about.

This one night in Bahamas

This is me in the video so you all know my name by now.
Call me whatever you would like but my real name is Asethabalanar.
This one I recognize.
I am here to speak to you about love friendship and commitment.
I feel so good right now.
This is the time I will post about this, in my future posts there will be also love.
I love the woman.
I am in love with her.
I love women, I am in love with them all.
I love all women from all races from all places of the earth.
I love the female by general.
It does not matter what you bring to the table as long as you bring yourself to the table.
I am smart yes also.
I found my inner peace and tranquility.
I have come to a point where my mind and my heart work together in unison.
My mind helps my heart and my heart helps my mind.
To do the things that I think about and love the most.
I have transformed into a predator.
I am a protos.
I am a predator of this world.
I came here to love you more than you could possibly imagine you can do.
This time it will be something special.
I am being so honest right now with you.
These are my deepest feelings I am putting on the table right now.
Please forgive me if I am mistaken but should we all not live in peace and prosperity.
And should we all not win the race?
Should we love each other more than expected and have our ups and downs, highs and lows, falls and rises be more compassionate about the people animals and fauna you surround yourself with?
I came here to do good things to the world. And I am going to do it. Nobody can stop me from doing them.
You all will just have to adapt to me from now on . πŸ™‚
Peace, Asethabalanar.

Malthael Gameplay

This video is made by me playing Malthael and it’s sincerely awesome to me to do this to you guys right now because I may or may not be the best version of me yet but I am going there soon enough, so please share with me all your ideeas on this topic of Heroes of the Storm so we can have a great time together while we all play along with this new content I am sharing with you guys and not be improved by your mistakes but by your ability to overcome adversity.

If you are watching this let me know how it goes and I wish you the best of luck in your life so you can acomplish all your dreams you had or never had before. I have dreamed one day that this world will know peace finally and I must admit that peace is very near to us in this particular moment in time, so please do not argue with me on this matter and let’s all love each other for the sake of all human kind and bees and flies and every living being on this earth and in the universe I beg you no more wars.

Make love not warcraft is my motto so can you please play a little bit of World of Warcraft and show us how you do with all your skills and mechanichs and let us know actually how can we improve our gamestyle in the near future, have a great day all and know peace, it is for the best of all human race to evolve and be compared to anything this planet has to offer for us.

Do not be mistaken by my kindness for you because I have also been in your time and place and space right now and I know your burden, your burden to bare is mine to bear also so can you please stop complaining to this and that and make the world a better place to live in in all our contries around the globe, we need you now, in for the taking.

Malthael Gameplay

Malthael, my favourite man ever, this is greater than the midgets of Muradin, is one of the best comic books I have ever seen in my entire life just like spider-man boyz and girlz.

Jah Jah this is it, come on and play some HOTS with me my ID is Terro#21318 just add me on Battle.net and let’s have some fun together, just peace and love no trollers pls, oops and I have a World of Warcraft account also so please add me now. Bye Cya.