Love the World behind you

When I first started this blog I had no clue where it would end up, but today I have a mission, to see every kid in the World do whatever means necessary to make them happy and fulfilled so the next generation of babies would top up to the throne and never be alone.

I watched TV in my childhood, I was the kid with the keys on its neck and now I’m a grown man an adult.

I am here to subscribe to my newsletter for us to know the fact of the immediate principles that hold the foundation of our society. I am here to write on behalf of my country and my family, to write for the good of others.

Karma is like a wheel when you turn it around it catches you up by surprise, you may never know the value of a moment until you have lost it. I may write this to you for years and years because I am still learning what this process means, it is like a cocoon we are here the slaves to this torment like Lady Sylvanas said.

I make peace with myself and forever on we press on moving forward to our future. I am nothing but a motivational speaker, a writer in disguise in this body flesh of mine, writing makes me forget who I am for a fraction of a second I am who I want to be.

This world is crazy enough to hold us all, we are the children of nature and evolution, I don’t believe in God I believe in nature.

God is a man while nature is energy.

I cannot touch energy but I can touch the man, I am a man made out of energy.

We as the people must unite in harmony for our lives and our culture and our country, we the people must unite for a better cause, a better future and a better today and tomorrow

When I came to earth for the first time.

When I cam to earth for the first time it was in the pre-historic age of human beings.
I am a human, right? Well yeah I still am this way right now.
This is my form here.
I have many forms everywhere.
I am all knowing all powerful but don’t have enough money to feed my family yet.
I need for you to understand that every kind of act of kindness you do to me it will be yours forever and it cannot be taken away from you never ever in a million trillion cazillion years far way in the galaxies.
I have to offer a deal.
I am the boss here on earth this is my planet and you all are in my debt forever.
This is why you have to tell me that every time you see me this is where the fun starts.
I am the boss of earth now.
I come in peace for all races and all creatures of the earth.
I am powerful beyond measure.
I am good and kind and respectful.
I am here to teach you being the best of this conception I have made between the years of time that passed ago.
I am a pharaoh I am egypt.
I am kama sutra. I am evil, I am good, I am good, I am you.
This is no joke when I tell you that everything connects eventually.
So if you see this make sure you know this is me at the table sitting around and doing nothing.
I am not on drugs I am on medication, and a little drunk from wine.
I drink because it makes me a better person.
Medication sucks beer is better than pills, beer is better than anything.
Beer makes me want to kill myself now.
This is the end.

We are here as one

I am here, you are here. We are here.
Until this point in my life I have been the subject of testing.
Testing of chemicals, that hurt my brain.
Testing of various methods to increase my brain capacity.
Testing to be alive.
This has not yet come until I have been spoken the truth.
I will set myself free from this object of thinking unless my brain cooperates with me and not against me.
This has never been too far before.
I am on medication.
Psychiatric medication, this is the sad truth.
Doctors have been abusing my mental health everywhere I went.
From mental institutes to various locations on the earth.
This is not an abuse they tried to make me healthy again, but I will not comply to their procedures anymore no longer.
I am here to speak the truth, my truth so listen up.
I am on Solian and Depakine pills. One Solian and one depakine in the moning and one solian and one depakine at night.
Doctors have given me psychiatric pills because they say I am bipolar of grade 1.
They made me take them or risk hospitalization if I don’t.
If I do not take my medicine in the morning and at night my father will call the ambulance and take me there.
I have also been on anti-depressants for a while about two years with no effect what so ever.
I will tolerate this abuse no longer, for me and my family.
I will not tolerate the fact that some crazy people will tell me what to do with my life.
I will not tolerate to be manipulated and used in order to feed the needs of the pharmaceutical institutions .
I am here to publish this so you know.
This is a public abuse to all man kind wherever you go.
You cannot escape the doctors, they are evil monsters and need to be punished by law and order.
This is an abuse to all patients who have been brutalized to shut their mouth and swallow the pills of the doctors.
I need you all to know that you do not need psychiatric pills in order to live your best life.
I am not crazy I tell you this.
This is an abuse made by the government in order for use to be manipulated by people that have higher IQ-s than us.
They are manipulating masses in order to use and consume drugs to make them feel better for themselves.
I shout out to all of them who have been abused by medicine and all people who have been manipulated into thinking they are sick and need to be medicinised
We do not need your psychiatric pills doctors, all we need is our freedom of speech and our rights to be loved and cared for.
We do not need your medicine. We need our freedom.

Wake up

I just woke up today, hoping it will all end soon.
I had a rough night last night so this is like a new beginning to me.
I call them crazy because when sometimes I am mad about it.
People call me crazy because I am mad.
They think I know them better than I should do.
There is nothing that makes sense now.
I hope one day I will wake up and hope it was just a horrible nightmare.
Dreaming like this made me become savage.
I call it questioning everything and everyone.
I like to question myself and my sanity for it.
I like to call my food barbeque because I eat too much.
And feel to little.
I tend to think allot about stuff.
Stuff that is happening inside my head.
Stuff that I need to get out on a roll.
Stuff that pisses me off sometimes.
I cannot feel comfortable about this.
Not here not now.
Not never.
I will always search for perfection.
I will always strive towards my greatest version of myself.
I will always look forward into being.
I will always focus on my goals and future plans.
I will always go forth to Victory.
I will always seek the monster I am inside of myself.
I will always go for the throat.
I will always stay hungry and feeded.
I will always go to the next chapter of my life.
This being stuff really sucks ass.
I am a brand new being like my mother use to tell me.
I am Asethabalanar.
The God of War.