Gym and Working Out

love your life

I always try to sustain myself like my health I always put myself first I don’t know why it’s like a heavyweight was lifted from my shoulders when I work out I feel freer, more healthy than I was before like I was trapped in a foreign dimension of some sort now I am free.

Sport really is for me a situation when I loosen up, forget my worries and just work out you know? It’s like a machine that always keeps on giving you what you want and what you need every hour of the day seven days a week. When you fight for progression you actually fight for your soul I can tell you that.

The first time I started working out I was 17 and by now you may have wondered, well now you are 28 where’s the progress? Well lately my life was on the verge of collapse, I have been hospitalized several times for my mental disease but now I’m working through it.

I’m working out on my mental health and working out my body also, body and soul. I am working out my body my muscles and my brain also so don’t be fooled by my great physique because I have a pretty strong mind also๐Ÿ‘Œ

This year I plan to change my life for good if you are with me hit the thumbs up button and see you in later posts ๐Ÿ‘

A healthy lifestyle

As I grow older. A New way of thinking pops into my mind.

A healthy lifestyle.
Why is this so important to me personally?
I like jogging and working out, I love sports, I love eating healthy food like pizza.
I love playing soccer and football.
I love running around pointlessly from a room to another.
I like being myself. As usual.
So this means that I have been sent here to teach you my opinion on how to live your best life possible.
My best life would be thinking at what do I do for sports is, the fact that I like to do sport.
I like to run I like to go to the gym, I like to eat food that is good for me.
I like to enjoy the water and cool air as much as I like to enjoy a sunny day at the beach.
Most of us do not treasure these moments with nature, nature gives us all we need in order to survive we just have to take it from nature.
This is all I have to say to you, yet there is something missing to the big picture.
I am a smoker, I tend to smoke allot, and I would love to quit smoking and not.
I like to smoke, even in my worst days smoking helped me relieve some of the pain inflicted to me by people.
So smoking is my friend but I’m not sure quit what to smoke, I like to smoke but I don’t know what.
This brings me to the next conclusion, what are your favorite cigarettes? Mine are Sobranie I think.
So if I have the money I will definitely buy some soon enough.
This is all I have to offer for now.
You will get plenty more after this chapter of my life.
Wait for it.